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We were very sad to leave KTM at the end of December. Saying goodbye to our friends not knowing when we would be back was hard.

In the rush of leaving we entrusted our belongings to Eagle Exports in Thamel and promised we would write a review once we had received our things back in the UK.

We were recommended to use Eagle by a friend who had used them a year or so before. Suraj is a delight to deal with and the arrangements (except one minor hiccup with one form which was sorted out at the airport) went smoothly. Our belongings were carefully packed and crated. They arrived intact and undamaged in the UK. They arrived in two weeks. TNT was a bit of a problem at the UK end - nothing to do with Eagle - trying to arrange a day for delivery when we were in.

We thoroughly recommend Eagle to anyone looking for those services.

David and Caroline




dear all,

I shipped with Suraj/Eagle Export some parcels to Germany.

The service was extremly good and fast - first contact on the 11th Jan, parcel pick up on the 12th (lucky me) and it arrivived as promised last week 20th and everything was fine.

So I can realy recommande everybody to ship with Suraj/Eagle Export!


Best regards

rolf striffler







Dear KTM-KTM members

Once again i send parcels from Kathmandu to North of France (with home delivery) with Eagle Export (Suraj Dhakal) and it arrive safely because it was fragile nepalese handicraft and fastly. They are really nice persons and you can trust them for their professionnalism!!!

I highly recommend their service to send any type of parcels to everywhere.

Rodolphe Breuvart





Hello Members,

I am currently in Nepal and needed an important package sent from here in Nepal, back home to my family in Nova Scotia, Canada. I asked around for a good reliable courier company, and was recommended by a few different travelers and locals to Eagle Export courier and cargo. I went into their office to inquire about shipping my package to Canada and was pleasantly surprised with the service I received. I then decided to send my package with them that was 30 kgs. The pricing was very reasonable, excellent packing and then arrived safe and sound within the time frame he estimated. I felt very comfortable and at ease with this company shipping my package and would highly recommend using their services. You can go into their office and drop off your package or have them come to any place and pick it up.

kaila smith



Hi there
If You are looking for a reliable cargo Company ,I have known Suraj for 4-5 years ,and have used his Company Eagle Export several times for shipping to Denmark
Suraj is a Young upcoming man,and he is always interested in trying something new,and he doesn't mind that it is difficult.
in recent years he has started to airlift motorcycles for travelers who wants to avoid the difficult distance between kathmandu and Thailand and back home to Europe.
He also several times succesfully has supervised/arranged the packing and transportation of a whole household from Ktm to africa and Europe
Suraj has a very good network and can make things happen,in short a good fixer who dont let You Down.
I give him my warmest recommendations
Søren Ringgård

Eagle Export
next to kathmandu guest house,thamel





I really recommend Eagle Export (located in Thamel, near KTM Guest House) for everybody who wants to send parcels to different destinations in the World. I recently sent to parcels with them, one to Romania and another one to Uganda, and both parcels were at their destination within one week-ten days.

The company also comes to your house and pack your stuff in case you require them to do so. The Manager is very helpful, and they have very good prices as well.

Excellent service,  I really recommend them to everybody!





Dear All,

In case you are looking for a reliable, fast and professional courier and cargo service with reasonable prices in Nepal,

i can strongly recommend Eagle Exports in Thamel to you.


Last week I moved from Kathmandu to Germany and after thorough inquiry  regarding the  shipment of my personal items, one company was mentioned again and again. Obviously, Eagle Exports  is enjoying a good reputation within the GIZ community already.


After contacting Suraj from Eagle Export by phone, he immidiately came  to my appartment the next day, weighed the packages and transferred them to his office where he reorganized the mess of the 6 boxes (total of 130 kg). He prepared the necessary documents  thoroughly  and provided a detailed item lists for a smooth and fast shipment to Germany.


I was able to receive all goods without any problems in Germany a few days after.  Opening the packages I was glad to see that Suraj wrapped all contents as to their needs with extra softening material, even using plywood to strengthen the carton boxes if necessary to protect fragile items, so that everything arrived safe and sound.


As to my knowledge Eagle Exports specializes in Post Parcel, Air Cargo/Sea cargo of  Personal/Household goods , Live animals i.e dog.

Safe travels and take care





Hi everybody,

Once again i send my parcels from Kathmandu to France  (around 900 kgs of commercial goods) with Eagle Export Company, and as usual i get it on time without any problems.

As you can see on pics, all goods was pack nicely and securely, the fragile items put on strong wooden box.

The owner and wife of this Company are Mr Suraj Dhakal and Saraswati, really nice and welcoming people, trustful and professionnal, you can go to their office without any doubt, they will give you nice service with good rate as well ;)

Here is their contact :

Eagle Export (World wide couriers and cargo),

Sun Nepal Traders & Exports (Manufacturer of Nepalese handicrafts goods) &

Sun Nepal Treks P.Ltd (Hiking/Travel Info/Mountaineering)


( Exactly beside, 'Kathmandu Guest House')

Chaksibari Marg,Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal




Dear members,

We, a german coupel used Eagle Export to send our personality belongs and many presents for our family back home to a small village next to Reutlingen, Germany. The weight from our things was all included 100kg, distributed on 3 boxes. Suraj, the owner of this company was very nice and competent. He help us in every question, give us a really good price (we ask in other shops too, so we know that it was the best price here around) and he look that everything is packed very well. Our family get the boxes very fast and nothing inside was broken or lost. So we are very happy with him and would use his shop again when we came back to Nepal.

We meet other german people from the same home area like us who recommend us this shop very well and we know a charity organisation for childs who use Surajs service since 16 years. So if you have to send something around the world - ask Eagle Export and you can feel save.

Here is his adress:

Chaksibari Marg. Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal (next to Kathmandu Guesthouse)

and if you want to contact him you can writé or call him:



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





wir sind ein Pärchen aus Deutschland und haben mit Eagle Exports persönliche Dinge und Geschenke zu unseren Familien in einer kleinen Stadt, Reutlingen, Deutschland geschickt. Das Gewicht unserer Sachen bertug etwa 100 kg insgesamt und war auf 3 Kisten aufgeteilt. Suraj, der Besitzer der Firma war sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend. Er hat uns in vielen Situationen sehr geholfen und hat uns den besten Preis der gesammten Umgebung gegeben. Auch das verpacken der Teile war sehr gut und er war äußerst behutsam damit, somit kam alles vollkommen unbeschadet und vorallem sehr schnell an. Wir waren also sehr zufrieden mit Ihm und der gesammten Firma und wollen den Service von Eagle Export wieder nutzen wenn wir das nächste mal Nepal besuchen.

Wir haben außerdem weitere Personen aus Deutschland hier angetroffen, welche die Firma schon seit 16 Jahren positiv nutzen und mit deren Hilfe ein Kinderhilfsprogramm leiten.

Wenn Sie also irgendetwas irgendwohin auf der Welt verschicken wollen, mit Eagle Export treffen Sie sicher die richtige Wahl.

Hier ist die Adresse:

Chaksibari Marg. Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal (nahe Kathmandu Guesthouse)

oder schreiben/rufen Sie dort an:



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We had been living in Sanepa, Lalitpur for several years and needed an export companies help to ship belongings back to America.  Our friend recommended Suraj Dhakal with Eagle Exports in Kathmandu.  We had 9 separate pieces weighing over 300 kilos that all arrived intact to our home in Johnstown, Colorado. The service was exceptional and staff very professional.  We would highly
recommend them for your export needs.  You can contact Suraj at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone 97714701022 or 9779851136824.

Nathan Watt and Rebecca Bierden
5049 Ridgewood Drive



Dear KTMKTM-Google Group,

After two years in Nepal, we recently moved back our things to
We therefore choosed Eagle Export for the shipment of about 200kg to
Switzerland with TNT and everything went well:  Suraj and Sara did all
the work with the custom, packed the boxes well and everything arrived
one week later in time. The price was 4.5 US$ per kg to Switzerland
(with home delivery), an additional fee of 10 US$ per box is required
for custom declaration.

Suraj and Sara Dhakal
Eagle Exports (Exactly Next to Kathmandu Guest House), Thamel,
Kathmandu, Nepal, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel.    + 977 1 4701022 , Cell.   + 977 9841325328, 9851136824 (Suraj), Skype: surajdhakal35

We can highly recommend Eagle Export for handling the transport!

With best regards
Matthias Tuchschmid & Stefanie Steiner




Hi Suraj, sorry my late response but the internet in Myanmar is very bad.
We send you the image and the review.
Thank you so much for all and we hope to see you again. If you need something or you want to travel in sudamerica please you have a house in Chile.

The professional and personal services in Eagle Export is the best. Suraj and the personal are amazing and allways trying to provide the best service for the costumers. In Kathmandu Eagle Exports have the best price to send your things to your country. For us is was the best and professional service we can found in Thamel. Our things arrived in perfect conditions and on time. For sure we recomended this place to send your things to your country. Thank you for all and we wish the best for your company.

Ignacio and Fernanda
From Chile